It's not the size of the girl in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the girl ....

Welcome to The North Texas Women's Shooting Academy.  Our mission is to empower women, and teach them skills they can use throughout their lives.

Quite simply, women learn firearms skills very differently than men do, and this is why most women find it difficult, frustrating or just plain annoying to learn to shoot with their husbands, fathers, or boyfriends.   Women learn firearms from very different mental and sensory perspectives, which are as basic and common as the differences between men and women themselves.   Men's and women's brains are very different, which means women and men simply process information in different ways.  This results in often completely counter perceptions, communicative messages and behaviors.   The most common complaint we get from our students is that they walked away from previous attempts at learning to shoot, with a lack of detail and understanding of how to make the shot accurately on a consistent basis. 

At NTWSA we understand those differences and teach to the strengths that women have, striving to produce competent and confident shooters. 
Once those skills are properly taught, women are often times better shooters than men.

We offer a two day firearms training program for novice students who have little if any handgun experience, and we also offer a two day carbine course to introduce women to the handling of an AR-15 rifle. 

Our intermediate and advanced classes are one day a week for four weeks, and cover all the material from the two day course, but involve much more work with moving targets, moving while shooting, and shooting faster from longer distances.  These courses also have a night class, to acquaint students with the affects of muzzle flash and the challenges of low light shooting.

We incorporate strength and aerobic training into all our courses, that are specifically designed to help students build the upper body and core strength, necessary to deal with the physical demands of working with fire arms for extended periods.

To keep students engaged between classes, we use online material and tutorials that can be reviewed at the students leisure.